Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Cosmetic Rules

Products For Baby
New Born to 12 Months
I have conservative views on what products are safe for babies.  Babies are born without a defense system for allergens and develop a resistant as they grow. Product used on babies should have a very low allergy risk, contain the most natural ingredients with no extra perfume or preservatives. Babies don’t need perfume. Although there are a number of products in the marketplace for baby care, many cause problems for babies. Baby products should be as simple and safe and natural as possible.

Baby Cosmetic Rules
Babies are not dirty, they require gentle and soothing products. Babys skin is perfect apart from the first little while when it may be a bit dry and wrinkly. The natural acid barrier of baby skins is essential for their well being and should not be stripped away by harmful detergents. Babies should never be set in water with bubble baths. This is one of the most common irritants and it well documented to increase the risk of urinary tract infections in babies, toddlers and even grownups Soap will strip away the babies natural protective lipids on the skin.

·         Babies are delicate. Products which are scented or have strong preservatives can cause eczema and allergies. Babies smell sweet enough without extra perfume.

·         Babies do not need to be exposed to ingredients in cosmetics that have fallen under suspicion and are under investigation for possible toxic effects. Products and ingredients which have not been proven safe should not be tested on our children.

·         Babies need protection from the sun. Although babies should avoid the sun, they still go for ‘walks’ in the pram and stroller and may lie under the shade of a tree. At those times, when babies are out and about, they need full-spectrum protection from the strength of the sun. Nano particles also known as “micronized zinc” or “micronized titanium” are currently under scrutiny and may possibly be able to pass the skin barrier and collect in the blood stream and lungs. When choosing a sunblock select the non micronized zinc or titanium until we know for sure the others are not harmful. These are the products that show up white on the skin.  In the summer buy light UV clothing that covers the baby’s arms and legs and get them a nice wide brimmed hat to protect their face.
·         If you feel you must use powder avoid talcum and use Rice, Corn or Tapioca Flour. Talc is chemically similar to asbestos, a known cancer causing substance. It is found in baby and body powders. An American Journal of Epidemiology study found talcum powder to be directly linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancer and general urinary tract disorders. I cannot personally say how well documented this is but why take the chance when there are so many other options available to us.
·         Avoid products with Parabens in babies. I mention this group of preservatives because this group of preservatives have been found to be weakly estrogenic. That means that they produce the same effect on the body as estrogen. Although they are inactivated when eaten, they are absorbed into the skin from cosmetics in an active form. They have been linked with changes in the sexual organs and sexual development in rats and salmon. This has raised concern as to the possible effects on humans.

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