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Soaps 2013 Slide Show

Learn to make fancy soap swirl "Peacock". Bars will be ready for sale soon at www.desertmoonbathnbody.com. Great Holiday Gift! We would love to hear your comments!

Learn to Make Marbling Comb needed for Peacock Swirl Technique

Learn to make Body Cream/Lotion

Cold Process Soap using 3 Color Column Swirl. You can purchase these beautiful soaps through

Cold Process Soap Making for the Beginner Part I

Cold Process Soap Making for the Beginner Part II

Cold Process Soap Making for the Beginner Part III

Make Your Own Homemade High Quality Hemp Cream or Buy from Us Online Already Made

Great Tip For Soap Drying Rack

More Fun Soap Swirling

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  1. Love your tutorials, Robin. Very informative and so interesting. You are such a talented and very gifted woman. You inspire all of us. I'm so glad I found you on YouTube and here as well.

    I've become disenchanted with the big stores. I do all my shopping on line as much as I can now. I know that's the new trend today ...from what I hear, I'm not alone.

    I've just become fascinated with home-crafted soaps, creams, candles and such and hope one day to have my own online business. Right now I'm just soaking in all the tutorials and buying books to get as much intellectual knowledge as I can.

    Thank you so much for all you do.


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