Friday, March 4, 2011

Know What you are Using

What’s on your hair, in your mouth, and on your skin today?

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Every day the average American woman uses personal care and makeup products containing 168 problematic chemicals – chemicals not properly assessed for safety. The average man uses products containing 85 such chemicals. Babies and young children, too, are exposed to potentially harmful chemicals with every bath and diaper change. There is currently no federal regulation on these ingredients.
Here are four common chemicals, all banned in Europe, that research indicates can lead to short- and long-term negative health impacts:

PHTHALATE A component of synthetic fragrances, hair straighteners and nail polish. Also found in men’s cologne, shaving cream and aftershave. These estrogen mimicking hormone disrupters and carcinogens have been linked to early puberty in girls, lowered sperm counts, testicular malformation, liver and kidney cancers. Manufacturers are not required to list fragrance ingredients on labels.
PETROCHEMICALS Petrolatum, used in lip balms and lotions, may be contaminated with polyaromatic hydrocarbons, known hormone disrupters and carcinogens. A petroleum byproduct found in baby shampoo, bubble bath, and body wash —1,4-dioxane – is a known animal carcinogen and skin irritant in some children.

FORMALDEHYDES Germicides/preservatives in hair straightening products, shampoos, liquid hand soaps, skin lotions, nail polishes, and mouthwash. Can result in allergic skin reactions, nasal and eye irritation, hair loss, headaches, and dizziness.

LEAD and LEAD ACETATE A known human reproductive toxin, lead acetate is used in men’s hair and beard coloring products. Lead is often found in lipsticks. Repeated exposure can result in accumulation in body. No safe level.
For more comprehensive lists of problem chemicals and personal care product ingredients, visit the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics: or Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database:

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