Sunday, February 20, 2011

Help To Urge Persident Obama

Every minute, at least one American will die from cancer. Yet many of these cancers could have been prevented.

This Presidents' Day weekend, we're kicking off a month-long petition drive to convince President Obama that we need a national cancer prevention strategy that gets cancer-causing chemicals out of our products. Sign the petition now!

Americans are exposed regularly to carcinogenic chemicals in the workplace, in schools and even in our own bathrooms. It's perfectly legal to add chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer to cosmetics we use on our bodies every day.

In its report to the President last year, the President’s Cancer Panel confirmed that exposure to toxic chemicals is an important but under-recognized risk factor for cancer. The Panel urged the President to "most strongly use the power of your office" to eliminate human exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

Please join the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and our friends and colleagues across the U.S. in this coordinated effort: Sign the petition asking President Obama to protect Americans from cancer-causing chemicals and promote safer, greener chemistry alternatives. 

From the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

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